What is FlashTrack and the difference between ISOLO

Nov 17, 2023

What is FlashTrack and the difference between ISOLO

FlashTrack DSP microphone is an integrated product designed by Cloudvocal specifically for instrument recording and live streaming. Apart from featuring a studio-grade large diaphragm condenser microphone, it also integrates recording interface functionality. It can directly connect to smartphones, tablets, and laptops via USB-C for seamless recording and live streaming. 

What sets it apart from regular USB microphones is the built-in high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) in FlashTrack. Through control buttons on the panel, users can instantly adjust EQ, add reverb effects, and manipulate compression.

Despite these seemingly complex functions. There are built-in presets that allow user to quickly adjust based on the instrument type, playing style, and tonal requirements. For advanced users, there are custom modes available for fine-tuning various parameters, enabling the creation of unique sounds. 

Furthermore, employing IR technology, we sampled ribbon and dynamic microphones in professional recording studios. This allows FlashTrack to simulate the frequency responses of different microphones in real-time, replicating the sound of ribbon microphones from jazz records and the dynamic microphone sound heard on radio broadcasts, enhancing the listening experience of your performances or podcasts.

  • Can I record backing tracks with FlashTrack? 

Yes. Besides using the familiar 3.5mm audio cable for inputting accompaniments, FlashTrack also supports Bluetooth wireless transmission, providing more flexibility for inputting accompaniments.

  • Can FlashTrack be used for recroding vocal/singing 

Yes. FlashTrack's one-inch condenser microphone faithfully reproduces all tonal details, whether used for singing, recording instrument performances, podcasts, etc., yielding impressive results.

  • What are the differences in recording methods between FlashTrack and ISOLO + AR1?

We've compiled the differences between the two in the following table to assist in making comparisons.

Recording methods Pros Place should be aware of
  • Near field recording. Environment noise can be effectivly reduced
  • Performing, recording, live streaming can be achieved simultaneously 
  • Non eed to set up microhpone stands for recording
  • Backing is in Mono
  • Unable to us Bluetooth to input backing tracks
  • ISOLO is more specific in supporting certain types of instruments, limiting its versatility across different instrument types
  • Suitable for various recording scenarios, suitable for both instruments and vocals. Better recording quality, supporting up to a sampling rate of 192KHz
  • Stereo accompaniment input is possible
  • Supports Bluetooth accompaniment input
  • Only suitable for recording or live streaming, cannot be used for live performances
  • The recording outcome may vary noticeably due to the environment and microphone placement


For musicians primarily performing with a single instrument and occasionally needing recording, ISOLO + AR1 is a versatile choice; however, if playing multiple instruments and often sharing your work online with friends, FlashTrack will significantly enhance the listening experience for both you and your friends.

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