FlashTrack DSP Microphone reviewed by Sax School Online

Mar 21, 2024

FlashTrack DSP Microphone reviewed by Sax School Online
Recording the saxophone is an essential part of a saxophonist's journey towards improvement. However, the recording process can often be complicated and overwhelming. From setting up a microphone and audio interface to connecting to recording software, it can feel like a nightmare. That's where the Cloudvocal FlashTrack DSP Microphone comes in. This compact USB-C studio microphone offers an easy and convenient solution for saxophone players to make high-quality recordings. Let's see how Nigel McGill from Sax School Online explore the features and functionality of FlashTrack DSP microphone and see why it is a great option for saxophonists. 

Easy Setup and Compatibility

FlashTrack DSP Microphone connects via USB, making it incredibly simple to set up. With a USB-C connection, it can even be directly plugged into an iPad, eliminating the need for additional equipment. For instance, using GarageBand on an iPad, the microphone is automatically recognized, requiring zero setup. This makes it ideal for musicians on the go or those who prefer a minimalistic recording setup.

Streaming Backing Tracks

One of the standout features of the FlashTrack DSP Microphone is its ability to stream backing tracks directly over Bluetooth. By pairing a phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device to the microphone, saxophonists can play their backing tracks wirelessly. This eliminates the need for extra cables or a separate audio source. Additionally, the microphone has a built-in headphone jack, allowing musicians to monitor the backing tracks while recording.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the FlashTrack DSP Microphone delivers impressive results. The recordings produced by this microphone have a warm, smooth, and clear tone. Even when using the standard settings, the sound is rich and full-bodied. The microphone also offers various EQ settings, such as warm, clear, and bright, allowing musicians to customize their sound. Additionally, the microphone features a compressor and reverb settings, further enhancing the overall sound.

Advanced Features

Despite its compact size, the FlashTrack DSP Microphone boasts several advanced features. On the top of the microphone, there are controls for adjusting the headphone level, track volume, and microphone volume. These controls are easily accessible and intuitive to use. Additionally, the microphone offers the option to select different microphone models, such as ribbon or dynamic, providing versatility and allowing musicians to experiment with different sounds.


FlashTrack DSP Microphone is undoubtedly a game-changer for saxophone players looking for a compact and hassle-free recording solution. With its easy setup, compatibility with various devices, and impressive sound quality, it is a valuable tool for musicians on the go or those who prefer a minimalist recording setup. Despite its small size, the microphone offers advanced features that allow for customization and experimentation. Whether you're a beginner or a professional saxophonist, the FlashTrack DSP Microphone is definitely worth considering.

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