Unveiling the Creative Process: A Journey through FlashTrack Session

Mar 28, 2024

Unveiling the Creative Process: A Journey through FlashTrack Session

In the Cloudvocal product line, we uncover the essence of "integrating technology to explore possibilities where one plus one is greater than two." Thus, we often find ourselves delving into creative realms, intertwining words, and crafting product names that succinctly encapsulate our innovations. FlashTrack exemplifies this ethos: function wise, it enables real-time processing of audio from USB-C microphone through its built-in digital signal processor, offering a plethora of simulations. Application wise, it empowers musicians and content creators to seamlessly translate inspiration and creativity into instantly shareable format. 

How can FlashTrack be utilized for recording? What will the result sound like? Could Cloudvocal host a live recording session with musicians utilizing FlashTrack as a demonstrative tool? As we ponder these questions, the concept of FlashTrack Session begins to take shape.

The Preparation and Incubation phase of this Session were marked by captivating developments, allowing us to witness the dynamic interplay between musicians and the organic evolution of song structures. In this blog, we aim to enrich the discourse with insights from two musicians. 

Searching For The Voice

Cloudvocal first started with instrument mics instead of vocal mics. Therefore, we plan to start the challenge from vocal territory. And we expect a voice that has such attributes: "serene with underlying strength" and "maturity devoid of worldliness". Also, this singer is preferably with original compositions to eliminate copyright issues when sharing the content over social media. 

It was quite difficult to find the candidates to meet such criteria at first. Just as doubts began to creep in, inspiration struck with the discovery of a live session featuring violinist Szu-Chien Lu and aDAN

From solo to duo

In discussions with aDAN (as she preferred to be addressed) and her team, our initial blueprint revolved around reinterpreting her compositions through vocals and keyboard, leveraging FlashTrack's support for microphone and auxiliary input functionalities. However, we took a detour during one meeting when aDAN expressed her imagination to sing with acoustic guitar. As a result, we need a guitarist to get the job done. 

Where shall we find a guitarist who is not to familiar with aDAN but is able to bring spark to the collaboration? A footage of aDAN participating in the 2023 Taiwan Plus cultural festival gave us another hint. Adan's eloquent Japanese responses during an interview reminded us about Ken Ohtake, a guitarist renowned for collaborations with esteemed musicians in Taiwan.

The facilitation of such collaborations was a core objective in establishing FlashTrack Session. Meanwhile, the participation of two award-winning musicians showed us how the difficult part of recording can be done in such a relaxing and efficient way.

Communication is the key

Since it was a live recording, it required seamless coordination: any misstep would necessitate restarting both the recording and filming processes. We once had a difficult time negotiating with the filming team about the buffer time. However, in hindsight, these concerns proved somewhat superfluous as we completed all tasks in just two takes.

Efficiency stemmed not only from the musicians' prowess but also from meticulous communication and collaboration. aDAN led the song selection process but also considered songs from the guitarist's perspective, fostering mutual engagement. She remarked, "I've long admired Ken Ohtake's work, so before selecting from my songs, I immersed myself in his pieces and proposed our collaboration on 'Pain Pain Fly.'"

After finalizing the song selection, Ken Ohtake swiftly crafted an initial arrangement, providing demo recordings and scores as a foundation for communication. Both parties swiftly reached a consensus on chord arrangements after a few exchange of ideas before actual rehearsal.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Pain Pain Fly," Adan shared, "During the pandemic, amidst personal struggles, I stumbled upon a song whose melody and arrangement offered solace. I aspired to create a similar experience through my music, particularly as my elderly relatives battled health issues. The phrase 'Pain Pain Fly' emerged during the composition process, evoking childhood memories of my grandmother's comforting words spoken in Japanese."

"The collaboration with Ken Ohtake perfectly encapsulates the warmth I sought to convey. His arrangement beautifully complements my vocals, embodying the essence of the song."

Reflections and Insights


You always get this kind of feeling: a mixture of excitement and nervousness all the way until the finishing line. Their remarkable performance speaks for itself. In other words, we'd like people hear what we heard and feel what we felt in that moment. Only a few post editing like source positioning was done.


I extend heartfelt gratitude to Ken Ohtake for his collaboration, which breathed new life into our song. The rehearsals were not only musically enriching but also fostered profound conversations about music and life. It was a delightful collaboration captured in a single take.

Ken Ohtake

Crafting the arrangement in tandem with aDAN was an organic process, further enriched by her captivating vocals. Recording her vocals alongside the FlashTrack added a layer of authenticity to our collaboration.

Song & Lyrics|Dan Hsueh
Acoustic guitar arrangement and performance|Ken Ohtake
Executive (aDAN)|Sabine Yang
Makeup & Hair (aDAN)|Hikari Chang
Photography | Santon Studio


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