About Us

Ease of use and High Fidelity

We believe that ease of use and high fidelity are the most fundamental and important pursuit of people on the music path.

Go with your voice

Our mission is to enable musicians to tell their stories - wherever they are, whenever inspiration strikes. Whether recording or performing live, each note should be heard by the audience exactly as intended by the artist, without distortion or strain. We provide the technology that captures and amplifies the artist’s music without interference or fuss.

You Make Music, We Mic it!

CLOUDVOCAL has years of wireless audio technology development experiences, and we make good use of our wireless transmission engineering background to dig out high quality sound from instruments. During the development process, we tested, designed, and interviewed, just to build ISOLO, the wireless instrument microphone. It focuses on solving recording problems and making wonderful performances.

Reviews: What People Are Saying

Gear Review: CloudVocal iSolo Choice Wireless Microphone System

The CloudVocal iSolo Choice is a wireless condenser microphone specifically designed to capture the full dynamics and tone of an acoustic guitar, attach and detach easily from your instrument, and free you from dangling wires.

Cloudvocal Isolo Choice Microphone Review by Jeffrey O'Brien

I found the Cloudvocal system to be a quality microphone with a very transparent sound. I tested on acoustic guitar and enjoyed the control box that offers a good amount of features. The in-device effects are a good selection of basic sounds for most use situations.

The world's smallest wireless mic could redefine your acoustic guitar sound

The Indiegogo-funded iSolo wireless mic aims to provide the best of both worlds thanks to a small - the smallest in the world, apparently - cardioid-like condenser microphone and preamp that you can mount to the guitar's body, which pairs with a stompbox-like receiver for playing live and a USB receiver for recording direct to computers or mobile devices. It certainly sounds pretty convincing from the video above.