14 Days money back gurantee

If you are not satisfied with CLOUDVOCAL’s product for any reason, you may send your refund request to service@cloudvocal.com

To return the product for a refund. Customers have 14 days (from the signed & received day) of trial period before applying for the full refund. Please note, shipping fee is excluded, CLOUDVOCAL will only refund the amount paid for the product. From the 15th to the 28th day, a 15% restocking fee will be charged.

Once we receive the return request, customers need to follow the instructions to complete refund process:

1. Make sure everything is included in the return package

2. Customer will need to contact local courier for picking up the return package

3. Plaese note that Cloudvocal will need to receive the return package within 14 working days (Weekend exlcuded). Any delay delivery will be charged additional 10% processing fee from the original refund amount.

*Refunds are only applicable to products purchased directly from cloudvocal.com and will not be accepted for products purchased from other unauthorized sources.