Product Review from Vi Wickham

May 29, 2023

Product Review from Vi Wickham

If you are looking for how pro players think about the ISOLO wireless violin system, reviews from Vi Wickham may be helpful for you. Here are some excerpts and videos to give you an overview, make sure to check out his website for the details.

ISOLO CHOICE by CloudVocal for Violin Review

“It’s a wireless microphone that attaches to the violin. There’s two modes of attaching, but I’ll get to that later. And it wirelessly connects to this unit, which is kind of a wireless receiver and DI all in one, and it also has a small amount of effects pedal and EQ functionality as well."

“I was really impressed because it came in this nifty, pretty box and had all sorts of things in it. It had the microphone and it also has a transducer adapter. So, this can either be a microphone that you place right above your F hole, or wherever you think it’s gonna sound better.”

“So, there are actually two options of connecting. I chose the carpenter jack, which is really slick. It’s a very sensitive microphone, but it is pretty directional. So, we've got this carpeterjack, it comes off of the violin really nicely, and it's pretty slick like that. I’ve got it turned on right now, so I’m gonna press and hold this button for just a minute and the green light on the top goes off. Now the microphone’s off.

The jack has little pieces of cork, so it doesn't damageyour instrument. I've found that the best place for me to attach it to my violin was right here on the south end of the c-bout. And then I mounted it so that the microphone is right over the bottom eye of my F hole. And I’ve found that to work really nicely. On the bass side of the violin. I didn’t try it on the treble side, but I may do that another time.”

“I’ve been playing with this on gigs for the last month or so, and I’ve really, really enjoyed it. It’s worked really nicely. It's light to travel with. Everything that’s in the box can fit in this little, approximately 6 by 8 inch, carrying case that comes with it as well. “

“It also came with this quarter inch to XLR adapter to plug in to a PA system, a quarter inch to 8th inch adapter, and a directional antenna. I chose the omnidirectional antenna. I figure this is only probably needed when there’s a long distance between you and the receiver. Since generally speaking I have the microphone and the receiver both on stage within 15 feet of each other, I think it’s fine. I walked down the hallway in my house, about 30 or 40 feet away, it still worked just fine. When I walked behind a wall, it stopped working so well. So that at least gives you an idea that it works well, at least out to 30 to 40 feet without obstructions in the way.”


Vi Wickham

Champion fiddler Vi Wickam, (Vi the Fiddler), enchants as he entertains. His musicality, passion, humor, and technical mastery combine to delight and inspire his audiences. From bluegrass and jazz to rock and old-time fiddle, Vi’s unforgettable performances embody his belief that great music creates a rich life.

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