Difference among LITE/CHOICE/PRIME

May 29, 2023

Difference among LITE/CHOICE/PRIME

Microphone transmitter

ISOLO LITE is a fill-in after ISOLO CHOICE’s retirement, to provide players a compact solution for live performances. To make the mic more sturdy and reduce interference, we replace the plastic holder to a metal mic capsule holder. Also omnidirectional pattern make it less critical for placing the mic to the best position.

In comparison, XL mic transmitter in PRIME system is able to capture more dynamic detail and has higher SPL. This will make you sound smoother and warmer, but requires more experience to find the sweet spot. In general, PRIME system is the go-to option for advanced players who pursue a superb sound quality.

Stage Receiver 

Cloudvocal discovered that there are two different ways of using the receiver. Some would like to minimize all control while the other wish to have total control over every function. Therefore in ISOLO LITE we removed some knobs to make it easier to use without sacrificing the core functions.

Speaking of the effects, we applied 2nd generation algorithm in ISOLO LITE to make the reverb more natural and musical. If you are new to effects, this design could give you what you want without complicated adjustments.

However, if you are an experienced performer who knows how to setup your gear and make the best of them, ISOLO PRIME could be your go to option since it allows you to have multiple inputs and more delicate effects. Not to mention that the overall sound quality is the best among all products.

The above are the basic information and comparison. If you have any other questions, you can contact us via email. 

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