Product Review from McGill Sax School

May 29, 2023

Product Review from McGill Sax School
If you have trouble finding a microphone for your saxophone, here are some advices from a pro sax player/educator. Here are some excerpts and videos to give you an overview, make sure to check out his website for the details and get your special discount as well.

Choosing a wireless saxophone mic is a nightmare!

These days there are so many options on the market and it’s tricky to know which is the best one for you. My history with wireless mic systems has had its share of ups and downs.

My first system was a Samson Airline setup. It was ok, but most importantly it was very affordable!I did use the Samson Airline on hundreds of shows but I’m sorry to say for most of those it was covered in “gaffer” tape.

By the time I retired the Samson, it was like a “Frankenstein microphone” – more added bits and tape than anything else.I had to replace the clip, the stalk, and reinforce everything with….loads of Gaffer!

Upgrading my wireless microphone

Thankfully the Samson was replaced a few years back for a brilliant wireless microphone from American firm AMT. Their Wi-5 system (now replaced with the Quantum 7) is a beautiful piece of kit. The Wi-5 is built to last thousands of shows with a simple but very sturdy clip, compact electronics and a lovely sounding mic capsule.The receiver unit is quite large though. And, this is an expensive wireless system at over £1000.

CloudVocal – a new contender

Although I am very happy with my AMT Wi-5, I was interested when Taiwanese company CloudVocal got in touch and sent over their iSolo Choice system for me to test. CloudVocal’s take on a wireless saxophone microphone is tiny. In fact you could almost not notice it is even connected to your saxophone bell because the microphone and transmitter weighs a mere 26grams. In fact, CloudVocal claim it is the smallest, lightest and smartest wireless microphone system!

 Click the video link for the comparison of AMT and Cloudvocal

In summary…

I really enjoyed using the iSolo setup and will continue to keep it in my regular kit. I’m a huge fan of how easy it is to use, and how well built everything feels.

Plus as a bonus, the iSolo comes in a sturdy compact pouch that would be perfect for throwing in your gig bag.

If you’re looking for your next wireless microphone that you will love using, then look no further.


Nigel McGill


Nigel McGill

Nigel’s diverse career has seen him perform with symphony orchestras, conduct shows on some of the worlds greatest stages including London’s West End Theatres, lead award winning big bands for tours around Europe, and perform thousands of shows around the world.

Nigel is the founder of the hugely successful online Sax School which has helped thousands of sax players to improve their skills. Sax School is the largest online community of saxophone learners and is proud to have members in more than 70 countries worldwide from the UK to the USA and even China!

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