Product Review from Jay Metcalf

May 29, 2023

Product Review from Jay Metcalf

If you have trouble finding a microphone for your saxophone, here are some advices from a pro sax player/educator. Here are some excerpts and videos to give you an overview, make sure to check out his website for the details.

iSolo Choice Wireless Microphone – A Great Compact Solution for Sax Players

I received an iSolo Choice wireless microphone system from Cloud Vocal, a company in Taiwan, specializing in instrument mics. I’ve been using it on several gigs this year and have found it to be a surprisingly good wireless saxophone mic.

Watch my video unboxing and review below.

Compact Wireless Sax Mic Unboxing, Play-Test & Review

What Comes In The Package

You get the wireless mic, and the receiver as well as all the cables necessary. There are also a few foam wind shields that work okay, but I have heard wind noise come through a few times (the wind was blowing quite hard to be fair).

The mic itself has a rechargeable battery that plugs into a mini USB cable. I find this to be very convenient. The battery life seems to be quite good. On a full charge I have played gigs with three 45 minute sets no problem. I haven’t had to do anything longer recently and rarely would anyway.

The main receiver’s power cable is also USB so you can plug it into any standard USB charger. Again this is super convenient.


I’ve tested the range on it and with the receiver set to “close” I’ve been able to go more than 10 meters away and still get a perfectly clear signal. It also has a far mode which will allow you to go even further away but with a loss in audio quality.


I have noticed that the mic needs a bit of EQing to get a satisfactory sound when playing through a large PA system. I recommend cutting some mid frequencies.

I’ve used the on-board hall reverb effect on every gig and it sounds good. I love having all the knobs for effects and EQ at my fingertips. Once you dial in your settings, they will be all set every time you plug it in.

The Good

◎ Nice case, small package

◎ Clip is sturdy, simple to use

◎ Nice selection of effects although I have only used the hall reverb on stage so far.

◎ Input for music player that can be used for backing tracks

◎ No interference encountered to date

◎ No feedback issues to date (I have played several concerts with this already)

The Bad

◎ Very short cables included (I found this not to be a problem in live situations since the unit can usually be placed very close to where it is being plugged in.)

◎ When playing through larger PAs I found that we had to cut a lot of mid frequencies to get a natural saxophone sound.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the iSolo Choice wireless mic system by Cloud Vocal is a great compact solution for any type of amplified sax performance.

The best part is how quick and easy it is to set up and how little room it takes up in your bag. I think this is an ideal mic for any sax player who works with DJs. You’ve got great wireless signal, no feedback issues and quick setup.


Jay Metcalf


Jay Metcalf

Jay Metcalf is a professional saxophonist who has performed and recorded with some world renowned musicians including Booker T, Graham Nash, Madeleine Peyroux, Larry Klein, Ashford & Simpson, Huey Lewis, Ben Taylor, Chuck D and others. As the founder of his mission is to help developing saxophone players break away from traditional music learning methods and discover a more efficient, practical and fun way to become a Better Sax player.

He holds a BA in saxophone performance from the Crane School of Music and a MA in jazz performance from the Aaron Copeland School of Music in New York.

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