Instruction of JOINup Mobile Interface

May 29, 2023

Instruction of JOINup Mobile Interface

JOINup Mobile Interface is the latest sound recording product released by CLOUDVOCAL. Social media becomes the main stage of the internet era, speed recording and sharing music are what every musician looks forward to. JOINup classifies the different music recording situations into several modes for users to quickly record their practices and performances, as well as to upload them to streaming platforms. Moreover, “modularized design” is CLOUDVOCAL’ s brand DNA. we use the same design concept for every product, so we recommend our users to choose JOINup with ISOLO products to achieve the synergy effect and realize their dreams of performance and music recording at the same time.


How to use JOINup Mobile Interface?

How to use JOINup mobile interface


How to connect JOINup with ISOLO CHOICE?

Connect JOINup with ISOLO CHOICE to perform or record
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