Audio comparisons and effect demos for ISOLO PRIME

May 26, 2023

Audio comparisons and effect demos for ISOLO PRIME

When it comes to choose instrument microphone, tone and budget are both playing important roles before making the final decision. To answer questions like “How does it compare to the well-known brands”, the easiest way is to do it directly.

Therefore, we brought ISOLO PRIME to the studio and have it played and recorded side by side with the award-winning DPA 4099 microphone. You can put on earphones and tell us what you think.

Except for adjusting the pre-amp gain on the recording interface to have the same volume, no post edits nor plugins were used in this testing.


Tone comparison of DPA 4099 & ISOLO PRIME Winds Wireless System

Another cool upgrade of ISOLO PRIME is 8 built-in effects. Unlike the exaggerated effects from the karaoke machine, we used 2nd generation algorithm to have the reverbs and delays sound musical and natural. Normally, you need to spend another $ 50~250 USD to get yourself an effect pedal. But with ISOLO PRIME, you can have 3 reverbs, 2 delays and 3 creative effects to play and explore without extra cost.

Here are some examples of the effects sound like.

8 EFFECTS DEMO – ISOLO PRIME Winds Wireless System

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